2018 Encore Scholarship Program



Each year Salida Concerts, Inc, the producers of the Salida Aspen Concerts Series, offers two $1000 scholarships to students who live within the Salida, Buena Vista, Cotopaxi and Custer County school district boundaries. The scholarships are for students who have demonstrated a commitment to music and intend to pursue some formal music education.

The scholarship applications may be obtained from the public school counselors.  Scholarship applications may also be downloaded directly here: Salida Aspen Concerts scholarship form


To be considered, students must have graduated or will graduate at the end of the current school year from high school and are committed to a college or university where music will be a significant part of or the primary course of study. The applicant may also already be in college.

Students shall submit a scholarship application including a one-page essay presenting the case for the scholarship. Two letters of recommendation must accompany the application and proof of graduation from high school or home school is required.

To be considered, the application must be received by Salida Aspen Concert Series no later than May 1.

The winners will be determined by the Board of the Salida Aspen Concert Series in its sole discretion and be based on the applications submitted. The winners may be asked to receive the scholarship award at one of the Concert Series performances and if appropriate may be asked to perform.

The scholarship funds represent a portion of the total charitable contributions and advertising dollars, which are raised each year in the community in support of the Concert Series. This scholarship is a commitment of the community to the support of music and the aspirations of young musicians. Salida Concerts Inc. has been awarding scholarships since 1999 with the purpose of developing musical talent as an important part of our cultural heritage.

For more information on how to apply, please view the application here.

Previous Scholarship Recipients

   2015 Scholarship Winners
                                                                                               Hannah Rose Foreman of Buena Vista and 
                                                                                               James Hogan of Buena Vista


2014  Samuel McKnight and Claire Erikson

  2013  James Hogan (Buena Vista) and 
                                                                Victoria Ricci

2012  Shelby Dawson (Buena Vista)  and Sam McKnight

2011  Josh Hill and Victoria Ricci

2010  Shelby Dawson (Buena Vista)  and Sam McKnight

2009  Mariah Lowe and Sam McKnight

2008  Lorisa Myers and Brianna Wancurra

2007  Emma Schleicher

2006  Emma Schleicher

2005  Rychelle Smith (Buena Vista) and Emma Schleicher

2004  Zac Trimbrell and Emma Schleicher

2003  Kendrick Boyd (Buena Vista) & Jodie Jones

2002  Zac Timbrell

2001  Jodi Jones

2000  Pam Pacheco