Celebrating Four Decades of Music

Planning for the 2017 summer series of six concerts is well underway.  Here is a letter from Salida Concerts, Inc. Board President Ernest Marquez explaining why your contributions are more important than ever. 

Dear Supporter of the Salida Aspen Concerts,

The remarkable collaboration between Chaffee County and the Aspen Music Festival that began 41 years ago is still going strong.  In a community that is better known for skiing, rafting and mountain biking, world class musicians bring their talents to enrich the lives of all who come to hear and see them.  We are fortunate that artists make the effort to return to Chaffee County when they get the chance.  This year will see the return of Joyce Yang, Edgar Meyer, Colin Davin, Will Hagen and Orion Weiss.  New to Salida is the Pacifica Quartet.  While we do not know yet who the student group will be, the student concerts have always proven to be exciting.

We are always surprised, but it is true that these world class talents ask to come back and some years, we just have to say no.  That they return says a lot about you.  Chaffee County has always provided a very special and appreciative audience, and the warm welcome they are afforded is the primary reason that we have little trouble getting the best musicians that the Aspen Music Festival has to come over Independence Pass to share their music with us.

Of course, as with most things in life, good things do not just happen to fall on our door steps.  It takes a lot of hard work on the part of Board Members and the community as a whole to keep this series going year after year.  Every year, we need to raise money to keep this series going, and the amount that we need to raise creeps ever upward (sometimes, like last year it is more of a leap).  What do we spend money on?  Everything!  We have to pay a fee to the Aspen Music Festival for the musicians, as well as this program booklet you are reading right now.  We pay for the use of the school auditorium, advertising, lodging, transportation, hospitality, piano rental, insurance, and the list goes on and on.

            We have been fortunate in that we have managed to meet our budget and we have had a fairly healthy balance sheet for the last few years. We run a pretty tight ship and thanks to the volunteers who make up the Board of Directors, the volunteers who help put on the concerts, the contributors, sponsors and advertisers, we have managed to keep our prices for the concerts extremely low.

We know that other arts organizations are struggling and we are not immune to the stresses that are affecting programs all across the country.  Our current success does not mean that future success is guaranteed.  If you have enjoyed these concerts over the years, or are just discovering them for the first time, if you can afford it, please consider a financial gift to help us continue to bring these concerts to Chaffee County.  A gift of any size will help us continue our mission to bring world class music at small town prices to Chaffee County for years to come.

Ernest Marquez, President
Board of Directors