Celebrating Four Decades of Music

Planning for the 2016 summer series of six concerts is well underway.  Here is a letter from Salida Concerts, Inc. Board President Ernest Marquez explaining why your contributions are more important than ever. 

Dear Supporter of the Salida Aspen Concerts,

As you may have heard, we are quickly approaching the 40th season for the Salida Aspen Concerts. It is quite an achievement that the people of Salida, Buena Vista and Chaffee County have managed to keep this series going for all of these years without interruption. The Board of Directors for the Salida Aspen Concerts is determined to maintain that tradition for the upcoming year and for years to come.

I am writing now to let you know how planning is coming along for the next summer season. While nothing is definite, it appears that one of our favorite pianists, Joyce Yang, will be returning. Pianist Simone Dinnerstein, who has brought us some very interesting programs, may also be returning. The well-known and always popular American Brass Quintet are reported to be preparing to come visit us once again. Something new and different this year is the first appearance in Salida of the internationally known Hector del Curto Tango Quintet. Led by Hector del Curto, one of the current masters of the bandoneon (it looks like an accordion, but I have been advised, very sternly, that it is not an accordion), if we are successful in securing their performance, this promises to be an exciting and unique performance for us. Other artists are being considered and approached for the balance of the program.

We are also facing some new financial challenges that must be overcome to bring this season to you. We will have our usual costs for printing, advertising, high school rental, piano rental, insurance, hotel rooms for the musicians, along with other year-to-year costs that are necessary to bring you these top notch musicians. For the first time, we are also being asked by the Aspen Music Festival to provide the transportation for the musicians from Aspen to Salida and back. We are looking into the most cost effective ways of providing that transportation, and we won’t have to do it for every concert, but we have found that paying a driving service to make the trip from Aspen and back will cost an additional $600 to $800 per concert. We are looking for a good solution. Of more concern to us is the increase in our fee to the Aspen Music Festival for the services of the artists. Last year, we paid the festival $24,500. Next year, we have been advised to expect an increase of $10,000.  Yikes!!

It is a huge increase for us, but we believe we can raise the additional funds that will be needed. We have already received some unsolicited contributions and we will be looking for individual concert sponsors again, but we will also be looking to you, our supporters, to help us over this hump. If you would like to make a contribution before the end of the year, that would be most welcome. If you would like to wait until our yearly contribution letter goes out, that works as well. Mainly, I wanted everyone to know, as soon as possible, that our concert series is facing some new financial challenges and that we will all have to pull together to make this year as spectacular as it promises to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you are having a happy and joyous Holiday Season.


Ernest Marquez, President